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Qty*** HP ***PriceCurrencyManufacturerSubcategoryPartNo1PartNo2SearchString
Call677706A140EA PB450G9 I5-1235U 15 8G1723.92  BGN  HPNB6A140EA6A140EA#ABH
Call677716F219EA PB440G9 I5-1235U 14 161784.03  BGN  HPNB6F219EA6F219EA#ABH
Call677726S7F0EA PB450G9 I5-1235U 15 8G1491.36  BGN  HPNB6S7F0EA6S7F0EA#ABH
Call677736S7F1EA PB450G9 I5-1235U 15 8G1483.52  BGN  HPNB6S7F1EA6S7F1EA#ABH
Call68344725J6EA PB450G10 I5-1335U 151270.85  BGN  HPNB725J6EA725J6EA#ABB
Avl67774286J4AA 225 WIRED MOUSE AND KB28.10  BGN  HPPSG Accessories286J4AA286J4AA#UUZ
Call678516F2A1EA 250 G9 15.6 FHD N4500405.20  BGN  HPNB6F2A1EA 6F2A1EA#ABB
Call678525Y440EA 250 G9 15.6 FHD N6000431.53  BGN  HPNB5Y440EA 5Y440EA#ABB
Call678535Y3X5EA 255 G9 15.6 FHD R5-562674.21  BGN  HPNB5Y3X5EA 5Y3X5EA#ABB
Call678556S778EA 250 G9 15.6 FHD I5-123831.03  BGN  HPNB6S778EA 6S778EA#AAB
Avl678566S6Y9EA PROBOOK 450 G9 15.6 FH1468.39  BGN  HPNB6S6Y9EA6S6Y9EA#ABB
Call678576S6Y8EA PROBOOK 450 G9 15.6 FH1481.21  BGN  HPNB6S6Y8EA6S6Y8EA#ABB
Call678586A296EA PROBOOK 450 G9 15.6 FH1279.75  BGN  HPNB6A296EA6A296EA#ABB
Call678595P6J2EA EB 855 G8 15.6 FHD901.42  BGN  HPNB5P6J2EA5P6J2EA#ABB
Call678606F666EA EB 830 G9 13.3 FHD1502.40  BGN  HPNB6F666EA6F666EA#ABB
Call678613G2R8EA EB 840 AERO G8 14 FHD1253.02  BGN  HPNB3G2R8EA3G2R8EA#ABB
Call67862358Q2EA EB 850 G8 15.6 FHD1151.84  BGN  HPNB358Q2EA358Q2EA#ABB
Call678635Z6D3EA EB 840 G9 14 FHD1322.51  BGN  HPNB5Z6D3EA5Z6D3EA#ABB
Call678645P741EA EB 860 G9 16 FJHD1322.51  BGN  HPNB5P741EA5P741EA#ABB
Call678746A244EA 255G9 15.6 FHD R3-5425493.34  BGN  HPNB6A244EA6A244EA#ABB
Call678756A1A3EA 255G9 15.6 FHD R3-5425471.59  BGN  HPNB6A1A3EA6A1A3EA#ABB
Call678775Y3F7EA PROBOOK 455G9 15.6 FHD897.42  BGN  HPNB5Y3F7EA5Y3F7EA#ABB
Call678785Y3S1EA PROBOOK 455G9 15.6 FHD785.25  BGN  HPNB5Y3S1EA5Y3S1EA#ABB
Call678796F276EA PROBOOK 450G9 15.6 FHD1231.68  BGN  HPNB6F276EA6F276EA#ABB
Call678806S6W9EA PROBOOK 450G9 15.6 FHD1277.44  BGN  HPNB6S6W9EA6S6W9EA#ABB
Avl678914J0P0AA 7.4MM 280W SLM SMRT AC116.33  BGN  HPPSG Accessories4J0P0AA4J0P0AA#ABB
Call6791513L60AA TYPE-C USB 3.1 GEN2 32.92  BGN  HPPSG Accessories13L60AA
Avl679206S6G3EA 470G9 I5-1235U 17 8GB1183.06  BGN  HPNB6S6G3EA6S6G3EA#ABB
Call680183E5F9AA LAPTOP BAG HP RNW 14.139.51  BGN  HPPSG Accessories3E5F9AA3E5F9AA
Call680306U3M4EA 400 G9 SFF I51090.87  BGN  HPPC306U3M4EA 6U3M4EA#AKS
Call680316U3M8EA 400 G9 MT I51048.54  BGN  HPPC306U3M8EA6U3M8EA#AKS
Call680326U3M3EA 400 G9 SFF I71190.44  BGN  HPPC306U3M3EA 6U3M3EA#AKS
Call681176U3M9EA PRO TOWER 400 G9 PCI1226.95  BGN  HPPC306U3M9EA6U3M9EA
Call682676B290EA PRO MINI 400 G9 I3796.75  BGN  HPPC306B290EA6B290EA#ABB
Call682686B2B0EA PRO MINI 400 G9 I5941.30  BGN  HPPC306B2B0EA6B2B0EA#ABB
Call682665Y3S0EA PB 455 G9 15.6 FHD R7852.78  BGN  HPNB5Y3S0EA 5Y3S0EA#ABB
Call682645Y3C2EA PB 455 G9 15.6 FHD R7940.91  BGN  HPNB5Y3C2EA 5Y3C2EA#ABB
Call682696D4W7AW ELITE TOWER 600 G9 I51122.91  BGN  HPPC306D4W7AW6D4W7AW#AKS
Call682706F1Z7EA 250 G9 15.6 FHD I3493.85  BGN  HPNB6F1Z7EA6F1Z7EA#ABB
Call682724R009AA 655 WRLS KB/MSE COMBO131.69  BGN  HPPSG Accessories4R009AA4R009AA#ABB
Call68288523U6EA Z4G5TWR W52445 64GB/1T4611.93  BGN  HPPC30523U6EA523U6EA#ABB
Call683954HQR3LL/A IPAD PRO 11 128GB WF1407.49  BGN  HPPSG Accessories4HQR3LL/A
Call68396816A3EA PB450G10 I7-1355U 15 1665.94  BGN  HPNB816A3EA 816A3EA#ABB
Call68412JL261A HPN SWITCH 2930F-24G2241.30  BGN  HPNetworkingJL261AJL261A
Call68413JL322A ARUBA 2930M 48G4481.44  BGN  HPNetworkingJL322AJL322A
Call68414JL662A ARUBA 6300M 24G6049.66  BGN  HPNetworkingJL662AJL662A
Call684396A7J9EA PRO SFF 400 G9 I5125001051.36  BGN  HPPC306A7J9EA6A7J9EA#ABB
Call68499725J4EA PB440 G10 15.6 FHD I51087.44  BGN  HPNB725J4EA#ABB725J4EA#ABB
Call68500725H8EA PB440 G10 14 FHD I51233.95  BGN  HPNB725H8EA#ABB725H8EA#ABB
Call685255F121EA Z2 G9 TWR I913900K 64G2919.23  BGN  HPPC305F121EA#ABB5F121EA#ABB
Call68527816G9EA PB440G10 I7-1355U 141578.14  BGN  HPNB816G9EA#ABB816G9EA#ABB
Call68528816A0EA PB450G10 I7-1355U 151571.55  BGN  HPNB816A0EA#ABB816A0EA#ABB
Call68620859Z0EA PB440G10 I5-1335U 141325.72  BGN  HPNB859Z0EA859Z0EA
Call685676F1W6EA 440G9 14 FHD I5-1235U963.80  BGN  HPNB6F1W6EA6F1W6EA#ABB
Call685686A2B8EA 450 G9 15.6 FHD I7-1251166.42  BGN  HPNB6A2B8EA6A2B8EA#ABB
Call685866F1Z2EA EB 640 G9 14 FHD1065.69  BGN  HPNB6F1Z2EA#ABB
Call685875Z697EA EB 840 G9 14 FHD1233.95  BGN  HPNB5Z697EA5Z697EA#ABB
Call685886F6G5EA EB 845 G9 14 FHD1021.04  BGN  HPNB6F6G5EA6F6G5EA#ABB
Call685896F6G8EA EB 865 G9 16 FHD1021.04  BGN  HPNB6F6G8EA6F6G8EA#ABB
Call685906F273EA PB 450 G9 15.6 FHD1188.17  BGN  HPNB6F273EA6F273EA#ABB
Avl68649P19890-B21B 480GB SATA RI M2.2397.79  BGN  HPP19890-B21BP19890-B21B
Avl68650P20182-B21R DL380 G10 3204 1P 2898.46  BGN  HPServersP20182-B21RP20182-B21R
Avl68651872491-B21SB 4TB SATA 7.2K LFF309.83  BGN  HPServers HDD872491-B21SB 872491-B21SB
Call6869921BN001EBM TP X13 G3 I5686.79  BGN  HPNB21BN001EBM21BN001EBM
Call6870021E60071EBM TP E15 I3340.31  BGN  HPNB21E60071EBM 21E60071EBM
Call6870121ED003KBM TP E15 R--3406.76  BGN  HPNB21ED003KBM 21ED003KBM
Call6870221AK0001BM TP P14S G3789.01  BGN  HPNB21AK0001BM 21AK0001BM
Call6870321CB005VBM TP X1 CARBON G101000.56  BGN  HPNB21CB005VBM 21CB005VBM
Call6870421CB005YBM TP X1 CARBON G10797.36  BGN  HPNB21CB005YBM 21CB005YBM
Call6870521C5001EBM TP L14 G3 T R-7538.60  BGN  HPNB21C5001EBM 21C5001EBM
Call6870621C5001FBM TP L14 G3 T R-5469.10  BGN  HPNB21C5001FBM 21C5001FBM
Call6870721B30017BM TP L13 CLAM G3523.27  BGN  HPNB21B30017BM 21B30017BM
Call6870821B3001EBM TP L13 CLAM G3503.85  BGN  HPNB21B3001EBM 21B3001EBM
Call6870921C1003RBM TP L14 G3 T I5481.37  BGN  HPNB21C1003RBM 21C1003RBM
Call6871021C30018BM TP L15 G3 T I3430.26  BGN  HPNB21C30018BM 21C30018BM
Call6871121E3004YBM TP E14 G4 T I3430.26  BGN  HPNB21E3004YBM 21E3004YBM
Call6871221E3005RBM TP E14 G4 T I-5582.55  BGN  HPNB21E3005RBM 21E3005RBM
Call6871321E30061BM TP E14 G4 T I-7652.04  BGN  HPNB21E30061BM 21E30061BM
Call6871421EB0050BM TP E14 G4 T R5408.80  BGN  HPNB21EB0050BM 21EB0050BM
Call6871511SX002VBL TC NEO 50S G3301.49  BGN  HPPC3011SX002VBL 11SX002VBL
Call6871611SX002XBL TC NEO 50S G3421.07  BGN  HPPC3011SX002XBL 11SX002XBL
Call6871711SX002YBL TC NEO 50S G3360.77  BGN  HPPC3011SX002YBL 11SX002YBL
Call6871811SX0030BL TC NEO 50S G3341.35  BGN  HPPC3011SX0030BL 11SX0030BL
Call6871911T5S0EN00 PC M70T I-3400.63  BGN  HPPC3011T5S0EN00 11T5S0EN00
Avl68740Y1G14A LJ STPLR/STCKR FINISHER238.81  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesY1G14AY1G14A
Avl6874313L54AA DISPLAYPORT PORT FLEX 20.01  BGN  HPIPG Accessories13L54AA13L54AA
Call6874432C42AA Z CONF SP BAR122.91  BGN  HPPSG Accessories32C42AA32C42AA
Call687494Z527AA ADAPTER USB-C TO RJ45 70.24  BGN  HPPSG Accessories4Z527AA4Z527AA
Avl687505KM97AA ENGAGEFLEXPRO 12V PUSB69.96  BGN  HPPSG Accessories5KM97AA5KM97AA
Call687522A8Y5AA Z2 MINI/Z2 TWR/Z4/Z6 205.38  BGN  HPPC302A8Y5AA2A8Y5AA
Qty*** HP_ ***PriceCurrencyManufacturerSubcategoryPartNo1PartNo2SearchString
Avl51575C9418A NO38 LIGHT CYAN INK/EXP24.93  BGN  hp_cHP Expired CartrC9418A_C9418A_HP NO 38 LIGHT CYAN CARTRIDGE / EXPIRED
Avl51574C9417A NO38 YELLOW INK CAR/EXP24.93  BGN  hp_cHP Expired CartrC9417A_C9417A_HP NO 38 YELLOW CARTRIDGE / EXPIRED
Avl51588C9368AE 100 GREY PH CRTG/EXP21.71  BGN  hp_cHP Expired CartrC9368AE_C9368AE_hp NO 100 GREY PHOTO / EXPIRED
Avl51587C9359AE 59 GRAY PH CRTG/EXP21.09  BGN  hp_cHP Expired CartrC9359AE_C9359AE_HP NO 59 GRAY PHOTO CARTRIDGE / EXPIRED
Avl63269C9392AE HP 88 MGNTA INK /EXP25.01  BGN  hp_cHP Expired CartrC9392AEC9392AEHP 88XL High Yield Magenta Ori
Avl63282CB338EE 351 XL INK CARTR /EXP36.24  BGN  hp_cHP Expired CartrCB338EECB338EEHP 351XL High Yield Tri-color Original Ink Cartridge
Avl63281C9363EE 344 TRI-COLOUR /EXP38.76  BGN  hp_cHP Expired CartrC9363EEC9363EEHP 344 Tri-color Original Ink Cartridge
Call63280C9351CE HP21 XL BLCK PRNT /EXP25.67  BGN  hp_cHP Expired CartrC9351CEC9351CEHP 21XL High Yield Black Original Ink Cartridge / 475p
Avl63276C4836A NO11 CYAN CARTR /EXP34.79  BGN  hp_cHP Expired CartrC4836AC4836AHP 11 Cyan Original Ink Cartridge / 28 ml / 1 750 pages

All prices are in BGN and do not include Value Added Tax (VAT). All prices are tentative and subject to change without notice. Appropriate cartridges are included in printers prices