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Qty*** HP ***PriceCurrencyManufacturerSubcategoryPartNo1PartNo2SearchString
Call58420G3Q79A LJ PRO MFP M227FDN412.64  BGN  HPPrinters LaserJet All-in-OneG3Q79A
Call61575W1A28A LJ PRO MFP M428DW556.62  BGN  HPPrinters LaserJet All-in-OneW1A28AW1A28A
Call58421Z3Q87AA USB-C AUTO ADAPTER68.04  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesZ3Q87AA
Call58428JL255A 2930F 24G POE+4SFP SW3165.06  BGN  HPNetworkingJL255A
Call59074JL260A 2930F 48G POE+4SFP SW2063.21  BGN  HPNetworkingJL260AJL260A
Call584581ME42AA NVIDIA QUADRO P600 2GB276.56  BGN  HPPSG Accessories1ME42AANVIDIA Quadro P600 2BG Kit w/2
Call58849Z0B13AA NVIDIA QUADRO P5000 163402.11  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesZ0B13AANVIDIA Quadro P5000 16GB Graph
Call58459U8TF9E CARE PACK144.86  BGN  HPCare PacksU8TF9E
Call58865U8TH7E CARE PACK952.59  BGN  HPCare PacksU8TH7E
Call58460U9BA7E CARE PACK89.17  BGN  HPCare PacksU9BA7E
Call58464T7T58AT AMD FIREPRO W4300 4GB724.32  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesT7T58AT
Call58494V3K67AA 512GB 2280 M2 PCIE 3X4575.07  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesV3K67AA
Call59875V3K66AA256GB 2280 M2 PCIE 3X4 285.34  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesV3K66AAV3K66AA
Call59880X8U75AA PCIE NVME TLC 512GB423.62  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesX8U75AAX8U75AA
Call58577785103-B21 600GB 15K 12G SAS713.35  BGN  HPServers HDD785103-B21
Call58958JL355A ARUBA 2540 48G 4SFP2853.38  BGN  HPNetworkingJL355A
Call58579JL357A ARUBA 2540 48G POE+4SFP3468.74  BGN  HPNetworkingJL357A
Avl58581Y1M47EA ELITE X3 LAP DOCK603.60  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesY1M47EA
Call58582V5H01AA ELITE X3 DESK DOCK219.49  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesV5H01AA
Call58597Z6A00AA USB-C TO USB-A HUB21.95  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesZ6A00AA
Avl58622734280-001 SPS-HD HARDWARE KIT43.90  BGN  HPPSG Accessories734280-001
Call58628J6U57B PAGEWIDE 352DW PRINTER502.63  BGN  HPPrinters InkJet - A4J6U57B
Call58629J9V80B PAGEWIDE MFP 377DW PRIN783.58  BGN  HPPrinters InkJet All-in-OneJ9V80B
Call58659X8U73AA ODD MODULE116.33  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesX8U73AA
Call58660X7R61AA PRODISPLAY P223 21.5206.32  BGN  HPMonitorX7R61AA
Call58693861676-B21 2TB 6G SATA 7.2K384.11  BGN  HPServers HDD861676-B21
Call59091872489-B21 2TB 6G SATA LFF HDD362.16  BGN  HPServers HDD872489-B21
Call58724T4K79ET Z440 E5-1620V4 16G 2563380.55  BGN  HPPC28T4K79ET
Avl58725K7C09A Z27N 27 INCH MONITOR1021.02  BGN  HPMonitorK7C09A
Call596571FR84AA V214A 20.7-INCH MONITO186.57  BGN  HPMonitor1FR84AA1FR84AA
Call58765B5L47A COLOR LJ MFP M577F3874.01  BGN  HPPrinters Color LJ - A4B5L47A
Call58766J9P80AA Z440 FAN / FRONT CARD 19.75  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesJ9P80AA
Call58787P9Q36A G2 3.6KVA 2XC19 WW PDU219.49  BGN  HPServers AccessoriesP9Q36A
Call58788P9Q66A G2 8XC13 BAR KIT241.44  BGN  HPServers AccessoriesP9Q66A
Call587902KY38A LJ MFP M436DN PRINTER1058.46  BGN  HPPrinters LaserJet All-in-One2KY38A
Call58791A8P80A LJ PRO MFP M521DW1349.89  BGN  HPPrinters LaserJet All-in-OneA8P80A
Call58794454146-B21 1TB 3G SATA LFF HDD329.24  BGN  HPServers HDD454146-B21
Avl58799T9B87EA RP5810 I5 4G 500G1953.47  BGN  HPPC28T9B87EA
Call58814X7R53AA PRODISPLAY P203 20-INC197.54  BGN  HPMonitorX7R53AA
Avl58816664691-001 8GB 1RX4 PC3-12800R263.39  BGN  HPServers RAM664691-001
Call58827820792-B21 900W AC 240VDC RPS722.12  BGN  HPServers Accessories820792-B21
Avl58873815100-B21 32GB 2RX4 PC4-2666V570.68  BGN  HPServers RAM815100-B21
Call58874875483-B21 240GB SATA MU SSD618.96  BGN  HPServers HDD875483-B21
Call58885Y1T49AA Z TURBODRIVE G2 512GB 487.27  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesY1T49AA
Call58893JL382A 1920S 48G 4SFP SWITCH625.55  BGN  HPNetworkingJL382A
Call62514JL383A 1920S 8GB PPOE+65W SWIT329.24  BGN  HPNetworkingJL383A
Call58944J9F42A MSA 600GB 12G SAS 15K801.14  BGN  HPServers HDDJ9F42A
Call58945C8R24A MSA 2040 16GB SW FC SFP1755.93  BGN  HPServers Storage ControllersC8R24A
Call62366C8R24B MSA 16GB SW FC SFP 4PK1755.93  BGN  HPNetworkingC8R24B
Call58951836220-B21 16G RDIMM DDR4-2400438.98  BGN  HPServers RAM836220-B21
Call58953869386-B21 1.6TB SATA 6G RI SF2853.38  BGN  HPServers HDD869386-B21
Call589722CE30AA ELITE PRESENTER MOUSE100.97  BGN  HPPSG Accessories2CE30AA
Call58984872481-B21 1.8TB 12G SAS10K SF614.57  BGN  HPServers HDD872481-B21
Call58985BB922A STOREONCE 3520 12TB SYS15441.18  BGN  HPServers Storage ControllersBB922A
Call58986BB887A STOREONCE 2000 CATALYST381.91  BGN  HPServers Storage ControllersBB887A
Call589871ME41AA NVIDIA QUADRO P2000 5G713.35  BGN  HPPSG Accessories1ME41AA
Call589882NA10AA USB-C NB POWER BANK173.40  BGN  HPPSG Accessories2NA10AA
Call59004Z9G82AA USB-C TRAVEL HUB65.85  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesZ9G82AA
Call59026L2753A SJ PRO 3000 S3 SH-FD787.97  BGN  HPScannersL2753A
Call59052HL566E 2Y PICKUP RETURN NB SVC195.19  BGN  HPCare PacksHL566E HL566E
Call590801DT93AA ELITE 90W TB3 DOCK362.16  BGN  HPPSG Accessories1DT93AA
Call598733XB96AA TB DOCK G2 COMBO CABLE52.68  BGN  HPPSG Accessories3XB96AA3XB96AA
Call598743XB94AA TB DOCK 120W G2 CABLE46.09  BGN  HPPSG Accessories3XB94AA3XB94AA
Call598793TR87AA TB DOCK G2+COMBO CABLE377.52  BGN  HPPSG Accessories3TR87AA3TR87AA
Call598763YE87AA TB DOCK 120W G2 AUDIO333.63  BGN  HPPSG Accessories3YE87AA3YE87AA
Call598772UK37AA THUNDERBOLT DOCK 120W 280.95  BGN  HPPSG Accessories2UK37AA2UK37AA
Call598782UK38AA THUNDERBOLT DOCK 230W300.70  BGN  HPPSG Accessories2UK38AA2UK38AA
Call59081QP906AA POWERED SERIAL PORT CA18.32  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesQP906AA
Call590821CA79AA 8GB (1X8GB) DDR4-2400 267.78  BGN  HPPSG Accessories1CA79AA
Call59103UA868E MSA FAMILY STARTUP SVC2524.15  BGN  HPCare PacksUA868E
Call59104UU089E STOREONCE SYSTSTARTUP3511.85  BGN  HPCare PacksUU089E
Call59105E6U64ABE ILO ADV INCL 3Y TS636.52  BGN  HPServers AccessoriesE6U64ABE
Call59106U4506E INSTALL DL36X(P) SVC482.88  BGN  HPCare PacksU4506E
Call59107U4554E INSTALL DL38X(P) SVC746.27  BGN  HPCare PacksU4554E
Call591082DH78AA T530 AMD 4G 8GB THINOS570.68  BGN  HPPC282DH78AA
Call59125X6T83EA SLICEG1 USFF I5 8G 256724.32  BGN  HPPC28X6T83EAi5-6 8GB 256TB HDD
Avl591341VD82AA 800/600/400 G3 SERIAL26.34  BGN  HPPSG Accessories1VD82AA
Call591351FH46AA ELITEDISPLAY E233 MONI322.65  BGN  HPMonitor1FH46AA
Call591361ME40AA NVIDIA QUADRO P4000 8G1492.54  BGN  HPPSG Accessories1ME40AA
Call59149UJ407E CARE PACK98.77  BGN  HPCare PacksUJ407E
Call59160862974-B21 8GB 1RX8 PC4-2400E285.34  BGN  HPServers RAM862974-B21
Call59216C3N52AA INTEL X520 10GBE DUAL 417.03  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesC3N52AA
Avl59217Y6P08AA 2TB SATA SSD1316.95  BGN  HPPSG AccessoriesY6P08AA
Call633756SL00AA 2TB TLC NVME M2 SSD651.89  BGN  HPPSG Accessories6SL00AA6SL00AA
Call59254K0Q15A LJ ENTERPRISE M607DN PR1266.46  BGN  HPPrinters LaserJet - A4K0Q15A
Call59252K0Q17A LJ ENTERPRISE M608N PRN1229.15  BGN  HPPrinters LaserJet - A4K0Q17A
Call59253K0Q18A LJ ENTERPRISE M608DN PR1523.29  BGN  HPPrinters LaserJet - A4K0Q18A
Call59255K0Q21A LJ ENTERPRISE M609DN PR1808.60  BGN  HPPrinters LaserJet - A4K0Q21A
Call592572RR73EA PB470G5 I5-8250U 17 8G1393.77  BGN  HPNB2RR73EA
Call59261861750-B21 6TB SATA 6G 7.2K801.14  BGN  HPServers HDD861750-B21
Call592861JJ88EA PD400G4 MT I7 4G 1TB 1009.66  BGN  HPPC281JJ88EAi7-7 4GB 1TB HDD
Call592933FF69AA USB-C DOCK G4199.74  BGN  HPPSG Accessories3FF69AA
Call59306815098-B21 16GB 1RX4 PC4-2666V296.31  BGN  HPServers RAM815098-B21
Call62400P00922-B21 16GB 1X16 DDR4 2933272.17  BGN  HPServers RAMP00922-B21P00922-B21
Call615774VN05AA 4GB 2666MHZ DDR4 72.43  BGN  HP4VN05AA4VN05AA
Call59307865408-B21 PSU 500W FS PLAT KT219.49  BGN  HPServers Accessories865408-B21
Call59316Y8A33EA PB450G4 15I I3 4G 500G809.92  BGN  HPNBY8A33EAi3-7 4GB 1D DDR4 15.6 HD AG SVA HD
Avl59323UF360E 3Y NBD ONSITE SRVC144.86  BGN  HPCare PacksUF360
Call59440H1RN5E 3Y FC NBD ML10 GEN9307.29  BGN  HPCare PacksH1RN5EH1RN5E
Avl593261JS09A4 Z24N G2 DISPLAY504.83  BGN  HPMonitor1JS09A4

All prices are in BGN and do not include Value Added Tax (VAT). All prices are tentative and subject to change without notice. Appropriate cartridges are included in printers prices